It's been so long…

I can’t believe it’s been about a week since I’ve posted! It’s been busy around here, but good!

This past weekend was a 3 day weekend for us. It was nice to be with my two boys…

Friday we had a garage sale – we made over $400.00 !!

Saturday we went to my cousin’s 2nd birthday party & then to Joey’s parent’s for a visit. My parents were in town for the weekend so we got to see them too!

Sunday we had my parents out for dinner & it was a nice relaxing evening!

That’s about it!

This week I have been working at Lin Lily finishing things up & packing boxes. Renee (the owner) has been very generous. I have come home with lots of goodies. I got some great new sheets (that retail for about $600.00), they are already washed & on the bed! Today we packed up boxes, went out for lunch & had a great day. I will be there for a few hours tomorrow working on the books & a few hours Thursday & then it’s over! I am sad about this chapter in my life closing, but looking forward to find out what the future has in store for our family. I don’t start my new job untill the 15th – so I’ll get to spend some much needed time at home.

Jaxon is doing great. He was a little difficult this weekend due to two new teeth coming in on the bottom. That brings the teeth count up to 8! He is still not walking on his own. He is getting VERY heavy. I’m trying to encourage the walking at this point. He is very good & fast when he is holding a finger or walker, but has no interest on standing on his own. For now, I’m just glad he is happy.
He is talking so much… Learing & repeating new syllables all the time. Tonight I said “I love you” and he sounded it out. He is so fun!

Tonight we said goodbye to the mullett! It looks much better! This was right before the cutting began…

Here are the results:::(just for Trisha!)



Joey’s back is still not good at all. Once I get my new insurance & he can be on it he will go see a Dr. He quit going to the chiropractor because he wasn’t seeing a difference & it was $60.00 a day. Not cheap!!
School will be out at the end of this month & he is SOOOOO ready. He needs a break.

I decided to make recipe notebooks for all the tearout recipes. The computer ideas are great but – I don’t have time to type or scan them all & I love to sit down with the book & look throught it. So, I went to hobby lobby today & bought paper protectors, decorative paper for the outsides, some brush pens & adhesive. I really hope I can get this project done in the next week!

Well, I think that’s it for tonight! I hope you are all having a great week!

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