My day…

Today has been a great day. I slept in (until 6:45!), played with Jax, showered & got ready, took Jax to Sonshine School & went to Lin Lily. Today was my last day there. The place is empty… Kind of sad, but I’m SO looking forward to my week at home. I left there about noon, came home to a quiet house & enjoyed eating lunch & resting for a while.

I had a few errands to run before it was time to pick up Jaxon. I ran into walmart to get the new Laurie Berkner music Dvd! It is great – Jaxon loves it!

Joey and Jaxon are napping on the couch & I just gave myslef a mani/pedi. I could get real used to this staying at home business. I wish I could do it forever, but the truth is I can’t. So, I will enjoy my time, not waste it & get refreshed to start my new job on the 15th.

Tonight is Jaxon’s Sonshine School program. His class is doing a “style show”. I will take pictures – don’t worry!

Well, that is all for now…I’m going to leave you with some pictures of Lin Lily that I took about a month before I heard the bad news. It was a beautiful store & I will cherish my memories from there, but I’m looking forward to all the memories the future has for me!

Look for an update tonight or tomorrow of my baby’s first(and probably only) modeling job!

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