Good Times

Jaxon and I got home about 11:45 today. It was a great trip – I’m so glad we went. It was good to see my family & friends, new & old. I had an awesome time catching up with the girls! I hadn’t seen them since High School – about 9 years! Staci had a great shower – lots of people, goodies & food!

Here are some pictures from the trip…

Jaxon did a LOT of sleeping in the car!

At my parent’s house::

Jaxon & I playing in the big box!

Mom & Jax eating crackers

Granddaddy, Dad & Jax enjoying a golf cart ride

Aunt Nancy, Grandmother and Jax

At the shower::

Shauna & Jaxon playing with the girls

Girls just wanna have fun!

Shauna,Megan, Me,Staci, Sarah & Juli Beth

Thank you girls for such wonderful weekend. Shauna & Kip – thanks for letting Jax & I stay with your family last night. Your kids are so sweet! M & S – don’t forget the HPP!!

Have a good Monday!

6 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. I had forgotten about the HPP but I remember now and I will be looking for them tomorrow! I will give you an update! I am so glad that you came and I love the pictures – I will have to steal a few!

  2. What a fun weekend! Glad that you were able to make it to the baby shower. I looks like you guys had a wonderful time together. Loved all the pictures!

  3. It is always fun to get together with old friends! Looks like the weekend was well spent! Good luck this week with your time off.

  4. Thanks sooooo much for coming to the shower! It was such a surprise to see you there! It was fun to get to see everyone.

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