You either have it or you don't…

Creative talent that is. I have finally come to the sad conclusion that no matter how great the ideas in my head are, I cannot execute them. No ma’am. I’ve tried and tried over the years starting in high school. Making banners for sports…not my thing, In college…making signs for club, not so much. As a homemaker…let’s just say that I should probably stick to buying the stuff I like, instead of trying to make it. A few years ago, Joey and I found this sign we liked for our kitchen at “The Market”, basically a high-end crafters mall. We really liked the sign, but didn’t want to pay the $189.00 they were asking for it! So…we decided we could make it for less than $30.00, and we did! It actually turned out great, almost identical to the original, except for one little detail! After about 3 months of the sign hanging in our dining room, I noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Then it hit me…. OUR sign said “Bon Ape-Tit” instead of “Bon Appetit”. OH MY WORD!!! Had people noticed and not told me? Was I really stupid(and if I was Mr. English major was too!)? Oh well, it is a great memory!!! The sign now lives in our garage. It certainly takes on a different meaning at dinnertime!

So this week I’ve been trying to get the recipe project underway. I’ve been a little indecisive about the whole thing. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. We’ll see how it goes!

Days 2,3 & 4 of this week have not been very productive at all! Well actually Tuesday was productive, just not at home. While Jaxon & Isabelle were at Sonshine School, Renee and I set out to establish my career wardrobe! We did great! I now own 5 yes FIVE suits! I’m not really a suit girl, but starting Monday I will be! I am totally set with complete outfits!! I could not have done it without my fashion guru best friend! She even finished the outfits off with accessories~ Thank you Renee!!

Yesterday about 5:30, Jaxon & I were casually strolling through Hobby Lobby when Jax proceeded to throw up ALL OVER himself & me! At least it didn’t get all over the floor! That would have been the second shopping embarrassment for the day. The first was at walmart where a 60″ beaded necklace got caught around Jaxon’s neck & the cart, so when we pulled on it, it busted all over the check out line. Beads were EVERYWHERE!! Fun stuff! At least Jaxon thought is was cool! Ok, so back to the vomiting…He has since thrown up 7 times and has had a high fever. He is constantly moaning & crying & only wants to be held by me. I feel so bad for him. It has been a trying day – Oh the joys of MOTHERhood! We went to the Dr. today & he has a 12 hour bug, probably contracted by someone at Sonshine School on Tuesday!! He is already feeling some better & should be back to normal tomorrow!!

Well, that’s about all I have for now! Hope you’re all having a great week!!

Here is a picture I took of Jaxon yesterday…pre-sick Jaxon!!

10 thoughts on “You either have it or you don't…

  1. I’m so sorry that Jax was sick! Hope he’s feeling better! I’ll never forget the time I was shopping with Mom and started feeling sick and she had me throw up in the plants in the middle of the mall! LOL

  2. Hope Jax starts feeling better today. I hate things we can’t do anything about. Seriously I was you when I was younger, couldn’t do any of the crafty type of things. Art/Drawing are still not my thing. You can do this project! My first couple of scrap related gifts weren’t great, lol. I learned from them and an slowly getting better at my craft stuff and you can too! Have a great day, we are heading to the zoo again! ttys

  3. I am so sorry Jaxon is sick. I am with you on the crafty thing. I can not make anything! I am glad you have had a good week. Good luck next week at your new job. You need to post some pictures in your new work attire! Jaxon’s picture is really cute!

  4. For the record, Suzie was in charge of the spelling. Besides what guys ever reads signs hanging in the house? Not to be overly mushy, but Suzie really is very creative, she just puts it into her blog, songs for Jaxon, and food. Arts and Crafts not so much. I love you sweetie.

  5. I hope that Jaxon is feeling better. I am not very crafty either. I try, but it never turns out quit like I expected. Hope all goes well for your first day at your new job on Monday!Ash

  6. Oh that sign is priceless!! Too funny.. Despite the spelling error it looks like a wonderful sign!And Yuck!! 😦 I am sorry to hear that Jax isn’t feeling well. I sure hope he is up and running again soon!have a super weekend.

  7. oh my gosh you are too funny. I have totally come to the same conclusion. I have no natural creativity. I can copy, but I have origininality.I hope jax feels better!

  8. Oh here come the Chase blue and black attire. Well, I am not sure that is what you have to wear, but my husband has to wear his Chase blue shirt with a black suit and a chase tie to work every day. I have now decided that Chase has ruined blue for me. I am so tired of washing and ironing the same shirt every day. Hope Jax feels better! Puke is the worst!

  9. Poor baby. I hope he is already feeling 100% better. On the other stuff: the beads, the sign, the vomit on you…too funny. I actually just got back from changing my shirt b/c it had spit up all down the back of it. And with the sign, honestly, I didn’t notice the sign until you said it should have two p’s. Spelling is not my strong point though.

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