This weekend was amazing. You wanna know what we did? NOTHING!!!!! We totally needed a few days like that. Today I feel refreshed (other than my stupid headache) and so close to my boys. We watched several movies, went to church, ate out (in), and took several naps. Jaxon has always been fun, but he is starting to be hilarious & he knows it! He is seriously a funny kid! He and I played chase around the house all weekend!

Funny story::
On Friday night, we went to eat at Jason’s Deli. When we got home we smelled that Jax had done some business. Little did we know, it was his first “big boy poop” as Joey likes to call it! It was so big that it did NOT stay in the diaper. Oh no, it came out the top! When we removed Jax from his seat, there was a large wet spot on the back of the seat. (pretty high up might I add!)
I proceeded to take his clothes off & when I did two things happened. 1. There was so much poop in this shirt that I flung poop across the room – awesome! 2. When I pulled the shirt over his head, the poop acted as mousse and created a wave in the back of his hair – awesome!

Jaxon and I headed to the bathtub and my “supportive husband of an avid blogger” took it upon himself to get some pictures for me. You can imagine that I was not in the most playful mood during all of this, as I was trying to prevent a very active 13 month old BOY from getting his “big boy” poop ALL OVER THE CARPET that he crawls on!
So…here are the pictures! Unfortunately he didn’t get one of the hair before bathtime, it WAS pretty awesome!!

Here’s the acutal loaded diaper!

The very relieved Jaxon!

The “not so fun” mommy!

The very dirty clothes!

The poop stain on the carpet – don’t worry it’s been cleaned!

The “proud of his son’s first big boy poop” daddy

The clean and happy Jaxon with his life sized George!

Thanks for taking the pictures Joey & more importantly thank you for always pointing out the fun in every situation!! I love you!

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