goodbye 05-06

We’ve officially made it! Through the school year that is. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Joey just completed his second year as Principal at the private Christian school he works at. Because it is a small private school, he wore MANY hats! He was the ms/hs principal, athletic director, head girls BB coach, AP English teacher, Junior bible teacher… He also coached his fifth season with the OC women’s team as an assistant, not to mention helping me raise a new baby & he had me to put up with.
JOEY YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I am so proud of you for making it through this difficult year. Here’s to a healing, relaxing summer!!

In other news… Jaxon is the life of the party around here! He is still doing pretty good with the walking thing. He is VERY dramatic (I have NO IDEA who he got that from!!), and he eats A TON – seriously!

We went swimming today at my former boss’ house. They are at their lake house & invited us to use their house & pool. Jason, Renee & Isabelle joined us. We had a great time. I think Renee and I got a little too much sun, hopefully it will just turn into a tan!

Joey is going to the Senior PGA Tournament Final round tomorrow. It is at Oak Tree here in Edmond. He is so excited.

That’s about all the catching up I have for now. Oh yeah – My parent’s anniversary is tomorrow! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

5 thoughts on “goodbye 05-06

  1. Suzanne,It is 1:08 am so offically it is our 29th year of an amazing marriage. I love you Dad more than I did 29 years ago, and what beautiful children son-in law and of course JAXON. I am so proud of Joey and you and all that you have accomplished in the eight years you have been married. I love you so much and Stacey. The two of you have made our marriage exciting? Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your mom & dad 🙂 *Throws confetti* Hope they have a great one 🙂 Your hubby sounds like a busy and amazing man 🙂 Congrats Joey for making all of those around you so very proud!!

  3. Wow, hubby sure is an amazing man to do all that he does! I sure hope he has a relaxing summer :)And happy anniversary to your mom and dad!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! Tell Joey to take it easy and enjoy the summer. Let that back heal!! He has an active son that needs him to be strong and healthy!

  5. Though I was on maternity leave for the last quarter, and I definitely don’t have nearly the responsibility as your husband (good grief, how does he do it all?) I am so glad that the 05-06 school year has ended. I’m hoping for a group of sweet little 6th graders next year…probably wishful thinking, but I have to look at it like that or else I’d never be able to go back. I just need to remind myself that they were all babies at one time.

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