In Training…

I’m sitting in training right now. My day here is almost done. I may be a nerd, but I am actually enjoying this training! Intrest rates, products, software…all about being a loan officer, is what we’ve been learning. JPMOrgan Chase is an amazing company. I am really impressed with the facility here and pretty much the company as a whole.

Ok, so on to more interesting stuff. I’ve talked to Joey and to Jaxon SEVERAL times & they seem to be doing ok with out me. I miss them so much. I am however enjoying the little luxuries of staying in a hotel. Yesterday I had breakfast delivered to my room. I ate watching the Today show instead of Noggin (although if the hotel had noggin, I probably would have watched it instead!). Last night I went out to dinner with two of the girls. We went to “The Melting Pot” – a fondue restaurant. It was so good & a fun experience!!

Well…unfortunately I have to go for now. I miss getting to read all my daily blogs – I hope you are all doing ok & having a good week!

Oh yeah, Joey got his MRI results and it looks like surgery….

11 thoughts on “In Training…

  1. Glad your having fun! Miss talking to you!!! Ugh Surgery…. don’t worry about it to much! Talk to you when you get back!

  2. Too bad about the surgery! Sounds like Dallas is agreeing with you for the most part though.2 more days…right?

  3. Glad you’re enjoying your trip! Sorry that Joey’s gonna have to have surgery…but hopefully he’ll be pain free as a result!

  4. Glad you are having a good time! I think it’d be fun too to get away, just for a bit :)Sorry about Joey needing surgery. Take care and have a safe trip back home.

  5. Hey – I would love for you to come over tonight if you dont have plans – I will call you later!

  6. Oh I love fondue!! It is too good.. Sorry to hear Joey needs surgery but hopefully he will be much better afterwards. They seem to be doing alright without you but im sure they miss you like crazy !

  7. I feel like such an awful friend….I hope you had a nice time while you were here – this week was full of stuff going on and I just got distracted. I hope you are home with your wonderful boys now and we can just get together next trip!

  8. 😦 Sorry to hear that it does indeed look like surgery for Joey. However, if that is what it takes to make him feel better, it will be well worth it!Hope your enjoying your time back at home again!

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