Meet Pat…


Small Business Owner

Fave TV Show:

Fave Movies:

Fave Book:
How to Advertise

Off-road racing, golf, playing guitar/drums

Meet Pat. He is my new favorite person on TV! You can see Pat & his family on the new NBC show Treasure Hunters. This is pure entertainment. For a treat go here to watch their audition video. I promise you won’t be let down!!

In personal news:: I obviously haven’t had much time to update lately. I still love my job, but it is VERY BUSY! We are starting to get into a grove around here. Joey & I are going to meet the Neurosurgeon tomorrow at 2:30. I will let you know what is decided.

Here are some random pictures of our precious Jax…

sporting the CHASE hat. He loves this hat!

What a cutie!

“here’s your deoderant mom & dad…” (“please take the hint”!)

well… I have so many more that I’d planned to share, but… blogger is not cooperating!! Maybe tomorrow! Have a great Tuesday!

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