Tonight Joey took us on a family date. It was great! He planned for us to eat at Ted’s (our favorite mexican restaurant) and then to go see Cars! When we picked Jaxon up, he was sooo dirty and we didn’t have a sippy cup with us. So, being the somewhat yuppie parents that we are, we made a trip to Target first. Jaxon got a few new outfits (so stinkin cute, we couldn’t choose just one!), sippy cups & paci’s! Today is Jaxon’s 15 month birthday… Once we were in the car, I changed Jaxon & we headed to eat. We’d spent too much time at Target to eat at Ted’s, so we settled for Braums. It was ok, but sooo not Ted’s. We made it to the movie on time & it was worth the dinner sacrifice to see Jaxon’s face when the movie started. He was SUPER excited! He was bouncing up & down & shaking his head, clapping, oohing & aahing! It was great! I’ll never forget tonight – the first time Jaxon went to the movie theater! Thank you Joey for such a fun date night (even if Jax did sleep through half of the movie!)
Here are the additions to Jaxon’s summer wardrobe!

Can you tell which outfit he wore tonight???

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