I'm here to stay…

Although I REALLY like squarespace, I just do not need another bill every month. No, it is not a free site, like blogger. Oh well! I really like blogger, I just have picutres issues. As you can see, I’ve given my site a makeover… an extreme makeover if you will! I really like it & hope you do too! I have also re-named my blog to Happy Chaos. That pretty much sums up my life. Yes, I am still Jax’s mom and will be for as long as I live!!

I am falling asleep right now, as I have spent the whole evening re-vamping my blog! I will post again tomorrow with substance! Hope you’re having a good weekend!

10 thoughts on “I'm here to stay…

  1. i love the new site! these are the colors in my bedroom and i think i’m going to copy your squigglys onto my wall, AND THEN our room and blog will be exactly the same!!

  2. this looks great – I just went to the other site and was confused that you were gone. But this blogspot looks GREAT!

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