A lot has happened since I last posted. I’ve thought to myself several times “I need to blog about that”, but I’m just so tired when I finally get a chance to do something that I want, I usually just go to bed! I think I’ll just do a bullet post to fill you in!

In no particular order…

*Jaxon is starting to talk so much. He mimic’s just about everything!
*I went to super suppers with a group of girls from church. I don’t really like anything we’ve had so far and we have a freezer full of meals to eat. I don’t think I’ll be going back there!
*Jaxon had a 3 day fever virus. Luckilly I was able to work from home while he was sick.
*Joey has officially passed his Master’s Exams. He will oficially graduate in December, but will be done with class in 4 weeks. I cannot tell you how happy this will make me!
*We got to go to the OU/middle Tennessee game!
*Our Sooners got beat by TX yesterday……. Joey’s Sister and family came over to watch!
*We had a garage sale last weekend. We made right at $300.00! We loaded up the truck with the leftover stuff & immediately headed to goodwill to make our donation!
*I was able to park my car in the garage for the first time!
*I got highlights in my hair. I haven’t had highlights in about 2 years.
*Jax and I went to the Orr family farm. He got to ride a pony, a carousel, and a train all for the first time!
*I had my first catering gig! My boss was having company come in from out of town & she had me cook for them! I totally enjoyed it. I’ve always wanted to have a catering company. If I had the means to do anything, that’s what I’d do!
*Friday night we went to the OCA football homecoming. Jaxon was pure entertainment to anyone that would pay attention to him!
*Jax and I had a playdate w/ Isabelle & Renee at Chick-fil-A. It was a fun time!
*We bought Curious George and his welcome is about worn out!
*This week The Little Mermaid came out. Everytime the commercial comes on, Jax screams with excitement! Yesterday we were at the store and we passed by the mermaid display. He started screaming saying “Wook, Wook, Wook”, needless to say, we now own The Little Mermaid! We are such suckers!
*Jaxon now climbs on anything that is still enough for him. It is both funny & scary.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m starting to think this is boring, so I’m sure if you’ve read to this point you’re less than amused! Pics to follow (I’m on the laptop right now & the pics are on the desktop) I’ll try to post them in the morning!

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