It's HERE!!!!!

For the past two weeks, Jaxon has been carrying around the cover for the Cars game we have for the computer. Anytime the commercial comes on the tv, he has a fit of excitement. When we are at the store and he see’s ANYTHING with Cars on it, he says “LOOK”, over and over again! He can spot the symbol for the movie from a mile away.
We have been waiting for this day for a while. This was the first and only movie that Jaxon has been to see. Yes, he fell asleep during the middle of it, but he loved every waking minute of it!

Joey and I have both been planning to take off at least part of the day on NOV 7th to have a CARS day. Yes, I know Jaxon will not remember, but we will! As it turns out (like life always does), the day has turned out to be a busy one. Neither of us will be able to spend time at home during the day. That makes me sad. So… we will be having a CARS night! Joey went to wal-mart at midnight to get the movie. It might not be that popular in other households, but we just couldn’t chance it!! At first I thought we’d have “drive-in” food but instead I made this:

I’ve renamed it Lightning McSagna!!!
I’ll have to think of something clever for dessert! Any ideas?? Maybe chocolate winshield wipers.?!?!!!

These pictures of Jaxon were taken this morning! If this is any inclination of how Christmas morning will be – I can’t wait!!!

I hope you all have a great day!!

6 thoughts on “It's HERE!!!!!

  1. Love it!I am doing everything in my power to make sure that C doens’t realize this movie came out. I want to save it for Christmas or his birthday! He will be soooo excited. Enjoy your Cars night!

  2. OH how sweet! A Cars night! Love the name of your dinner also! Enjoy your Cars night! I can’t wait to buy Brandon the movie. I’m with Megan I trying to hold off to use it for a Christmas gift.. Hope I can make it work! 🙂

  3. Enjoy your night – and that dinner looks delish – I am such a lame-o wife with my lack of cooking. You motivate me to be better!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for checking in on me. I love to see that other families are just as excited about Cars as we were! Very cute idea for dinner!Yes my hubby still works as a PB for Chase. Soon he will be Branch Manager or a SBRM. We will see wich one comes first. Are you still with Chase?

  5. We had Cars Night on Tuesday – I love that movie – so sad that it is really about my love of the movie rather than my son’s!

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