Playing Catch-Up

Ok, so I know this is like a week late, but oh well!! Better late than never. We took Jaxon to the Storybook Forrest at Lake Arcadia. Jaxon had a lot of fun. He really got the candy thing down! The best part was when he got to see George up close! He adores Curious George. I thought he would freak out, but he did good! Overall it was a hit, we will go back next year for sure! Here’s Jaxon checking out all the candy that I didn’t let him eat (I know I’m mean like that, for the record we didn’t eat it either!)

Here’s Jaxon with his pumpkin! He loved this thing. Next year we’ll try carving instead of painting!

This was taken after Jaxon put a used candle jar against his face. It gave him a little mustache. Once he saw it, he was not happy about it!

Last weekend Joey went to Missouri for the OU game. On Saturday we drove to Ardmore to meet my parents for lunch (it’s right at half-way between here & there). After we ate, my dad & Jaxon had fun playing catch & tackling each other.

Jaxon REALLY loves “foobaaal”. Everytime he see’s it on tv he says it and does the touchdown motion! It’s pretty cute!

Here are a few pictures of Jax at the OCA football game! He likes hanging out with the big kids!

a rare picture of Joey & I before going to the coldest OU game of the year!!!!!

Ok, that’s enough of the random pictures!! It’s been pretty busy but lame around here lately. Work is really picking up for me. It is a “buyers market” around here & thankfully people are starting to buy. Rates are really pretty good right now, so that is good for me. I am on straight commission now and I am set to close approx. 1.3Million in 1st mortgages this month. Unfortunately my cut isn’t anywhere near that! I’d be set for the year!!

Thankfully Highschool football is over, but basketball is starting this week! Joey is not coaching this year, but as the athletic director & principal he has to go to all the home games. That could mean 3 a week some weeks! It will be a challenge but we’ll make it! Joey hurt his back this week, so please keep him in your prayers. It’s only been 5 months since the surgery. Things were finally starting to get back to normal for him. I don’ like seeing him in pain. It is so hard with Jaxon because he wants his daddy to pick him up & chase him all over the house. Needless to say, we really need a healthy daddy.

Tomorrow is a very special day for us! Something we’ve been waiting for – for a long while! No, it has nothing to do with a baby. I’ll fill you in tomorrow!!!!!!

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