it's DEFINATELY Christmas time

I have had so many things to write about lately, but so little time! What’s new??
We’ve just completed the great christmas card saga of 2006! I tried for about a week to capture the perfect picture. At first I wanted a family picture, but then I was willing to settle for one of my beautiful Jax. Oh but no, that’s just too much to ask! It was IMPOSSIBLE!!! So, I finally come up with a plan. I get the cards made and in the cart online. My estimated receive date was 12*23, so I quickly changed the cards from Christmas cards to New Year’s cards! Well, guess what we got in the mail this past Saturday (12*16) – the cards!!! At least now I have a full week to get them addressed, stamped, and in the mail!! So, if you’re expecting a card from us…look for it AFTER Christmas!
Here are some of the out-takes from Jax’s photo shoot!

Last week we had both Joey’s work Christmas dinner & my work Christmas party, they were both oh-so-exciting!

I am feeling overwhelmed with things to do in the next week. Tonight I was able to cross a few things off the list. Jaxon now has little goodie bags for his friends at Mrs. Ruthann’s house. We also made our christmas cookies tonight!! As you can tell, it was quite messy fun!

When Jaxon went to bed I finished all 50 cookies.

Honestly, I really hate making cookies…but that’s just between you & me!!

My sister will be here in 5 days!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!! 9 months with no sister close by is WAY TOO LONG! She will only be here for 5 days…..

I just realized that it is past midnight. This is not going to make me happy in the morning!! I will have more to post tomorrow – tomorrow is our anniversary!!!!!

5 thoughts on “it's DEFINATELY Christmas time

  1. sooo precious!! See you guys sunday πŸ™‚ Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! Your new camera takes really good pics.. I can tell a difference! Love you. o o o!

  2. I love the pics – my fave is the one of Jax just crying like mommy – really – just leave me alone!!!! – love ya – Shauna

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