Don't be fooled!!!

See this precious boy…

He is quickly turning in to a 2-year old BOY – ALL boy!

First of all, last night the most dreaded thing happened…. I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t happened before now…. HE POOPED IN THE BATHTUB. It was totally more disgusting than I imagined it would be. SERIOUSLY. I did not do well with that. It’s one thing to change a diaper, but to fish it out of a tub full of water….YUCK, YUCK, YUCK… Ok, I need to move on!!!

Today, Jaxon locked Joey in the laundry room! I was at work, so Jax was in the house all by himself. At first he thought it was funny, but when daddy was trying to break in the back door, it freaked him out a little.

Just a little while after the laundry room incident, I was on the phone with Joey and he started yelling for Jaxon to stop, then we got disconnected! Joey soon called me back to tell me that they had just come in from outside before I called, so the door wasn’t locked & Jaxon was halfway down the sidewalk!!!!!!

I think we need to re-evaluate our safety precautions!!!

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