random picture post

Here I sit at 9:40pm on New Years Eve! Wow, we are exciting!! Honestly there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I am safe & sound at home with my two boys. One is in bed sleeping peacefully, the other is in the living room playing his PSP peacefully. It is quiet & I love it!!! I really don’t have a lot to say & I know I haven’t posted any pictures for the family in a while so, I think this will be a catch-up picture post!! Enjoy! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!@!@!@!@!@!!@!!!

me & my joe

jax meets eddie

me & stacey at the airport

jax w/ derrick & stacey

opening presents on christmas morning

what a cool camera

i love my daddy

last pic before stacey left

crazy boy

4 thoughts on “random picture post

  1. Fun pics, Suzanne! I hope you had a wonderful time with Stacey. She looks like she is doing well. Happy New Year! Love ya, JB.

  2. Stacey WOW what beautiful hair….it’s the first time I have seen you in a long time.I miss your blog. As for Suzy Q, you my little daughter-in-love have just the most precious love for all of your family and it shows in all you do. You gave me the most precious gift and I must know where you got it….you spoil me rotten. I love you sooooooo much, your one and only mother-in-love!!!!! Happy New Year to all!!!! mom winn

  3. It’s been so long, I’m havig a hard time playing catch up. Who’s the boy with Stacey? Boyfriend? Husband? I am so out of the loop!

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