new year, new backsplash

Look what my sweet husband installed for me today!!!!!!!

It looks awesome….THANK YOU JOEY!!

Last week I thought I was ready for things to return to “normal” but as that “normal” schedule is to resume tomorrow, I’m having different thoughts. I’m almost in tears thinking about leaving my Jax in the morning. I’m glad at least for him that he has one more day at home with Joey before we’re all back to “normal”. I’m glad and feel blessed to have taken the time off.

I hope you have a great week!!

jax & mommy tonight before bedtime

GO SOONERS!!!!! It’s almost halftime at the Fiesta Bowl & we need a little SOONER MAGIC!!!!!

7 thoughts on “new year, new backsplash

  1. Love the New Backsplash! It looks great. :)I’m ready for things to get back to normal here as well. But I’m sure I will have second thoughts like you as well!

  2. Cute picture! I love the backsplash. We’re going to remodel the kitchen this summer probably. It’s fun doing stuff to the house isn’t it?!?

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