A Fresh Start

As usual, I had big plans for the weekend, but of course… I didn’t get much done! I had to work for a few hours on Saturday, and then we played and rested at home. Friday night Joey & I picked up this::

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After reading most of the book Friday night, we carefully chose what would be our last meals before “the first day of the rest of our lives”! That’s right!!! WE are going to get this weight off & keep it off! Now that Jaxon is eating real food, it is so important to us that we set a good example for him. I will definitely keep you posted on how we’re doing!

Joey has done more to my kitchen since I last posted, I’ll have to update with pictures!

I have to go to bed since it is 11:45 pm, 6:15 will be here too soon!!

I’ll leave you with the amaryllis pictures I took the other day. Joey got this from his secretary at work. We planted the bulb on the 18th of December… it grew so fast! I love it…
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Happy Monday!

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