Root Canal: Take 2

I went in for a root canal on 12/22 and he finished half of it. Apparently in our Molars, we have 3 canals. I was unaware of this! So, he found & cleared two of my canals that day. He was unable to find the 3rd canal, so they took x-rays and we agreed for me to come back to finish up.

That brings me to today! After being hooked up to the nitrace, getting Novocaine shots in my mouth, and feeling lots of pressure…I wake up from my little snooze to find out that it’s not over. In fact, it’s just beginning!!! He was unable to get into the 3rd canal. While trying to get in there, his file broke off in my gum! That’s right! I have metal stuck in my gums right now. All the Novocaine has definitely worn off & I’m in a little pain. I have to call the Endodontist in the morning to schedule the third shot at the root canal & to remove the file. I know you’re jealous!!!!!

So… That pretty much sums up my day!

We did good on day one of the best life diet. We both weighed this morning, I weighed…wait I’m not dumb!!! I’ll tell you once I’ve lost some of it!

Tonight after Jaxon went to bed I made a quick trip to TJMaxx! It was nice to walk around in the quiet store ALL BY MYSELF. I’d forgotten what that was like! I bought some socks & a cute pair of trendy jeans(hopefully they won’t fit for long).

Well I better get to bed…I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a little crazy!

9 thoughts on “Root Canal: Take 2

  1. I love your new design here. How do you get that banner on top?OUCH for the gums! That sounds soooo painful! I hope they can get you patched up w/o too much more pain!

  2. OH my goodness!!! I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with this root canal. and now a part of the file in your gum?? Goodness!! I feel for you! I will be thinking about you!

  3. Ouch!! That sounds really bad and believe me…I’m not jealous 😉 Hope it gets taken care of real soon so you aren’t in anymore pain!

  4. UGH! That is awful. I know a really good dentist if you need another one. Just let me know. You could even come visit your friends in the metroplex while you’re here. Anyway, I’m with Staci. I’ve been trying to customize my blog. I want it to look like I designed it. Megan wasn’t sure how to do all of that stuff. Maybe you can help me! Love ya.JB

  5. That is awful! I am so sorry! That sounds very painful. I think you need to ask for lots and lots of drugs! I love the new design. How did you get the banner on there?

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