Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yes, it’s freezing cold. Literally. Thursday here in OKC, the high was close to 75 degrees…by yesterday afternoon it was about 25 degrees. I just checked and it is 24 degrees right now! Needless to say, we’re cold even with the heater & our socks on!

We were all home by 1:00 yesterday due to the ice storm. Since we knew we’d be stuck here at least for the next 24 to 36 hours(since the storm is getting worse), we went to Target this morning after breakfast! It was nice to get out even if it was for only 45 minutes round trip!

While at Target, we decided to make the plunge and buy Jax a potty. Wow… not sure I’m ready for that! I know it’s early & I’m not planning to start full-on training, but I thought it would be “fun” for him to start sitting on the potty. For the past few months, he’s been pretty obsessed with the potty, especially when I’m in there! He’s also been telling me when he’s “poo-poo” because he wants me to change his diaper. He’s not a fan of poop in his pants, I can’t blame him there!!

Ok, on to a more pleasant topic. Jaxon has been calling Joey “Buddy” instead of “daddy”…kind of cute & funny!

Last night Jaxon & I shared some hot chocolate

Jax & mommy laying around

Update: I started this post Saturday afternoon, it’s now Sunday morning! Church was cancelled today because of the ice storm. It’s still coming down out there. I’m glad I’m off tomorrow for MlK day so that I don’t have to mess with getting out.

Last night Jax was pretty amused by the new potty. Here’s proof!

Have a warm day!!!

I almost forgot! It’s been national de-lurking week, so if you’ve been reading but not commenting….I’d love to know who you are!

11 thoughts on “Baby, It's Cold Outside

  1. I can’t stand this ice storm! Definitely don’t like be stuck in the house ;)Tally loves her potty too..she brings it into the living room to sit on, silly girl. Love the video:)

  2. Well I am as amused at the pics and video as Jax is with the potty. I have been playing and replaying it. I woke your mother up laughing so hard. Now she wants to know if I am going to do anything else today other than watch Jax’s video. Thanks for Sending it. Love to you all Dad/Paw Paw

  3. That was adorable.. the video had me grinning from ear to ear.. what a cute laugh and adorable smile.. sure seems like he is interested in the

  4. Very cute video! Makes me kind of want one of my own…um…don’t tell Mitch though! But really, he seems like so much fun.

  5. Such a cute video – we may have to drag out the potty soon – ours is a hand me down though – in bright purple!

  6. I don’t look forward to those days either…but it looks like Jax is excited about it! lol We got ice here too…but not enough for me to get to stay home from work today 😦

  7. Ok, I will come out and say that I Love your blog! I stumbled upon it around Christmas time and I take a peek…. alot. I could not resist, My name is also Suzanne and my little man is named Jaxxon, Jaxx for short.. He Will be 20 mths old on the 25th of this month.. We live in Nova Scotia,Canada..I loved your video..Jax is so i hope you don’t mind me looking around..

  8. I agree about the de-lurking. I have been trying to be so good about commenting on other people’s blogs because I now realize how important it is. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading and enjoying it. Jax is so cute. I hope that the potty training is a good experience for you. You have the idea to start introducing it if he’s showing some interest. Just keep it fun! You’re a great mom. Love ya.JB

  9. How did I miss that video! That is hysterical! I am actually laughing out loud. Give the man some privacy, would ya! So cute.Hey, I love your new banner, too. RyAnn wants some help making her blog pretty if want to give her some tips…

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