It’s just another lazy, cold, pajama all day kind of day around here! It’s amazing! This picture pretty much sums up our day:

Aren’t you glad this is not your mess to clean up??

Thankfully, it’s not mine either…just a picture floating around!
This does remind me of this picture and baby powder!

Remember this Shauna??? Kids are so funny!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I saw a similar picture but it was a kid with a container of diaper rash cream – all in his hair and all over the bathroom. Can’t imagine the nightmare of that clean up!

  2. hahaha… lazy days are great. 🙂 And those other pictures are awesome. I can’t believe Jaxson is getting so big!!! Where does time go!?

  3. YIKES!!! I can’t even imagine where you begin with a mess like that. I think that I would have to leave the house and come back after I cooled down or my kids would be dead!JB

  4. I just got on here and saw this!!!!! I have kind of been out of sorts for a few days!!! THat is sooooo funny! Yeah, my wonderful little monsters – love them. Chase did almost the same thing with white paint a few months ago – I never mentioned it.

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