Our Little Mohawkin'

do you get my pun?
First….the hair pics…



After(this is the only dressed up Easter pic we got!)

his hair is so light it’s a little hard to see. Of course, it’s not drastic, but it sure is fun! He likes to spike it!

I was thankfully feeling better yesterday & was able to go to church. It was cold, but we managed just fine…just a few wardrobe modifications!

Jax had fun with his basket from the E Bunny! I’d been telling him that he Easter Bunny was going to come visit & that he brought goodies like Santa brings. Yesterday morning I asked him if he was ready to go see what the Easter Bunny brought he said “ho,ho, ho”. I think I’ve royally confused my kid. He’ll probably be saying “hop, hop, hop” on Christmas morning!

he dosen’t care who brought it….

This is what happens when you leave a two year old alone with a basket full of crazy plastic grass! It was all over the place…at least it was easy to clean up.

My parent’s came yesterday to take us out for a yummy Easter lunch & to visit Jax for his b-day! He got a cool tricycle, an Elmo bubble blower, some playdoh & his FAVORITE……a $2.00 “Choo-Choo ook”! He has not put that book down, he has even slept with that book. It looks like we’ve had it for a year!

Where’s Jaxon?

I think he gets (and really likes) this drawn out birthday celebration. When I gave him this cupcake yesterday, I had just lit the candle and he said “birthday to you” and blew the candle out.

I think this was one of my longest “all about Jaxon” posts! If you made it this far, thanks for indulging me! I’m having a hard time with him turning 2 this week…..

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