I have always been VERY curious about what people eat. I love to cook, always have, always will. I began cooking when I was about 10 years old. Anytime I was away from my family (like at camp for two weeks in the summer), I wanted to know exactly what they had for dinner each night & I couldn’t wait to tell them all about what we’d eaten that week, and if it was good or not(it was usually VERY good, especially the year I cooked!).

For a while now, I’ve been wondering what you eat! What do other normal, working, growing families eat for dinner? Please indulge me on this & let me know what you’ve made (or bought) for dinner this week.

I’ve found a few new recipe sites in the past few weeks! Also, my friend Amber started a recipe swap blog that has really taken off. You should check it out! All the links are now on my sidebar. I hope you find at least one new recipe!

This week dinner has been a little weird for us. When you have one or two in the family that have queasy tummies, you have to take it easy! Because you are going to share….I’ll share too!

Sunday Night…We ate at Earl’s, our favorite BBQ restaurant
Monday Night…We had roast, carrots & potatoes…cooked in the crockpot…YUMMY
Tuesday Night…Jaxon had some carrots & ranch dip, yogurt & pb&j, I had a bowl of honey nut corn flakes & Joey did not eat
Wednesday Night…We had honey nut chicken strips, carrot/celery sticks & mac&cheese
Tonight…Joey had a frozen pizza(quickly before a board meeting) & I’m making salmon patties (since Joey will not be home…he hates them)

So….tell me what have you eaten this week???

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