"Suzanne Needs"

Megan had a fun post on her blog today! You should go check it out, it’s pretty funny!

Here are my top 10 “needs” according to google:

1) Suzanne needs to get dressed.
2) Suzanne needs her own ipod. (I have my own already!)
3) Suzanne needs the sun.
4) Suzanne needs to be able to allow Referral Officers to assign applications to new SEPS. (WHAT?)
5) Suzanne needs a babysitter to transport her kids from Portland to Vancouver.
6) Suzanne needs all the help she can get NOW!
7) Suzanne needs to start giving us quality.
8) Suzanne needs you healthy.
9) Suzanne needs a reality check.
10)Suzanne needs to accept personal accountability for her errors.

Apparently I need help!! So, what are your needs?

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