boo-boo/busy kitchen

Last night was the Jr/Sr banquet at OCA. There are a few good things about going to these events as an adult. 1. I did not have to get my hair or nails done. 2. I was able to wear a dress that I bought for a wedding last August. 3. I was able to go home and be in bed by 10:30!!!
After eating our normal Saturday morning pancake breakfast, Jaxon needed a bath. I took this picture of him this morning.

About 30 minutes after bath time Jaxon received his first REAL boo-boo. We were playing “Chase me if you want me to get dressed”, a game that is a regular at our house! There is lots of laughter involved! I “caught” Jax in the kitchen and we were running down the hall. As we were running, his head bumped into the door facing on the bathroom door. The laughter immediately turned to extreme crying. I felt absolutely horrible (and still do). Within 90 seconds, Jaxon had a golf ball sized knot on his forehead. We called the Dr. on call & they said to give him Motrin and watch him closely all day. The knot has gone down significantly. I tried to get a picture of his forehead, but they didn’t turn out well.

Cinco De Mayo

If you know Joey and I at all, you know that we do not need a special occasion to eat Mexican food, but we certainly won’t pass up an actual occasion to have a fiesta! When we were in Vegas there was an amazing restaurant in our hotel called Isla. Joey has NEVER liked guacamole. I ordered the ‘Mexican city guacamole’ before our meal. I begged Joey to try some & guess what…he LOVED it, and so did I. We liked it so much we craved it all the next day & we gave up eating at Emril’s Delmonico Steakhouse just to eat at Isla once more. It was seriously the best guacamole & nachos I’ve ever had. That’s a BOLD statement! Since we’ve been home, we have craved and talked about that guacamole every week.
Today I figured would be the perfect day to try and recreate the guacamole. I DID IT!! IT WAS SO AMAZING, not to brag or anything! So, with that we also had homemade salsa & chicken fajitas with black beans! I could seriously have this meal daily. I photo documented the meal for you!

We all took a much needed, long nap today. Tonight was the OCA auction. Jaxon & I planned on going, but after a traumatic morning, we decided to take it easy at home! I’m glad we did. It was so great to spend some time alone with my boy. We had a wonderful evening.
As I’ve posted before, Jaxon really likes to help me in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, I made homemade blueberry muffins. Last summer Jax became obsessed with fresh blueberries and I’ve been wanting to make them for a while. They were a huge hit. So much so that he called them cupcakes. I’m thinking if my kid thinks that fresh blueberry muffins are cupcakes, I’m okay with that! Tonight he began asking out of the blue for cupcakes. “mommyyyyy cucake, cuckae mommy, cucake“. Luckily I had some frozen berries on hand, so we whipped up a batch!

He was very pleased with mommy & even said “thank you mommy” without me prompting him!!!! (you can see the aftermath of this morning’s drama….still a little swollen, but you can’t really tell here)

We also made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies….they are wonderful! I only had one muffin & a half a cookie, so I probably only gained a few pounds!
I hope that your Saturday was a great one as well! Happy 5th of May!

If you would like the recipe for the muffins or cookies, go to the I kiss better than I cook link on the sidebar!

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