Mommie's Day

Joey taught Jax how to say “happy mommie’s day”, it was pretty cute! We had a fun day! I’m sure Jaxon didn’t really know that it was a special day, but he was extra sweet today! He is starting to say nice things on his own. He’ll say thank you without being prompted & best of all, today he said “mommy love you”. He has also been saying “mommy, daddy, jaxon”. I love watching the wheels in his mind turn and his personality developing!

Today we went to the cheesecake factory for brunch, then to the zoo for a choo choo ride! I love the fact that we are zoofriends members. I don’t feel guilty for only wanting to stay for about an hour! This morning Joey & I were talking about our day. We spelled out Z-O-O and Jaxon started saying ZOO, ZOO. Yes, our child is a genius and can spell at 2 years old!


Ready to drum, wearing daddy’s belt
Little drummer boy
He loves his stickers!
The best picture from today…nice!
True Talent!
If you’re a mommy, I hope you had a great day!

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