For Shauna – The Transformation

Shauna posted an assignment on her blog & I decided to take part! As most of you have noticed, I’ve been slacking a little lately, mostly because of work. I am totally slammed right now, it’s good since I work on commission only, but bad for my sanity.
On to the assignment….don’t be afraid to play along!

This is my starting point…. after using my burt’s bees in the shower & moisturizer after!

These products got me….


Jax had to play along too!

This is after…..

Playing in this drawer!

A few of my favorite products. You can find the all conveniently at Sephora!
1. Bare Minerals…wonderful, I’ve been using BM for about 2 1/2 years now. I’ll never use anything different! I also love the brushes that came with my starter kit.
2.REN eye gel…amazing!
3. Origin’s “Quick Hide” concelear (I don’t think you can get this at Sephora)
4.Urban Decay eyeshadow primer (in the purple tube), also amazing!
5.Dior’s black out mascara
6. NARS Multiples…you can use this on your cheeks, eyes or lips
7. my trusty eyebrow brush!

And here I am in all my glory…ready for the day!

Ok, I showed you mine, so you show me your’s!

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