2 weekends ago – Part 1

I know I’ve been incredibly boring lately. I wish I could say that I’ve been bored, but that is very far from the truth! If you read the last post, you know that work has been a lot to handle lately. I got my computer back on Wednesday but I’m still not caught up and when someone wants a mortgage, time is of the essence! Please keep the prayers coming!

This weekend was great, but as you can see by the title, this post is dedicated to the fun we had two weekends ago:Memorial Day weekend!

Hi! my name’s Joe. I could sing the rest of the song but Megan does it better. I am a guest blogger I suppose. Suzanne has fallen victim to the 9:30 curfew she likes to keep. Yes, my dear sweet wife loves her sleep, but especially when Jaxon wakes up for a minute and wants to sleep with mommy.
The first event of the weekend was a wedding for one of Jaxons girlfriends, Brooke or as he says Bwooke. She adores Jaxon and he returns the feeling, but as the picture shows he is a little sad she is off the market, congratulations anyways.

This was the journey to Eischens, just scroll down and you will see why. People in Oklahoma have all heard of or have been blessed with the eating experience that is Eischens. Its nothing fancy but the fried chicken has been documented on the Food Network. It truly is an experience. Located in Okarche (o-car-che) about 30 minutes from OKC but a world away in terms culture. Its a small farm town, and its not really a restaurant, but an old grocery store that has partially burned down so they knocked down the wall that separated it from the bar and now they have a Bar/Restaurant/old grocery. I know what you are thinking… but the food is worth it. I forgot to tell you, its the oldest bar in Oklahoma, 1896!! And yes, Suzanne said the line from Sweet Home Alabama “you have a baby! in a bar…” Its no smoking if that makes it any better.

When I say worth it, let me tell you the basics. To get a seat you have to wait on some one to leave. Many people get to the place and just stand in the doorway expecting some one to come and greet them and show them to a seat. Not at Eischens. You basically have to fight for a seat. You have to roam the place searching for some one who is almost finished and then stand by their table or close enough to it, so that when they leave you can sit down immediately. The above pic is Jaxon waiting on his food. The DVD is because on Sat. night the wait for a seat is about 45 minutes, not bad right, but once you get a seat, it will take another hour yes 60 mintues to get your chicken. We watched Shrek so it was ok.

This is your plate, just a piece of wax paper.

To elaborate on the culture let me tell you a brief story. Suzanne stood in the doorway while I went for a seat. I found one but Suzanne was still standing in another part of the place and I was worried she would not find me and Jaxon. The waitress/sheman, came over and I asked if there was a way to get my wife to our seat without giving up the seat. She looked at Jaxon and said, “you could send the kid”. I was laughing like it was a joke and she just stood there totally serious. So then she left, and Suzy showed up at the table. Turns out she went to the front and basically yelled at Suzy, “HEY YOU. YOU GOT A KID AND A HUSBAND? ROUND THE CORNER IN THE BACK” I wish we had a picture of this lady.

Ahhhhhhh. For the health nuts among us, please turn your head. This is a basket of Southern Fried Heavenly Goodness. They don’t have a menu, its chicken and okra or chicken and okra. The best part is one serving will feed two people. You get a whole chicken, a large basket of fried okra, pickles, onions, and bread. All of that for 15 bucks.

Suzy has been working so much lately, she really misses blogging but when business is good she has to capitalize on it. The second part of the weekend was a trip to Arbuckle wilderness. I would love to come back and tell the story of how Suzanne fed a Giraffe from her hand!! If you really know my wife you know she is extremely anti-animal. She likes them from a distance but wants absolutely nothing to do with them. Look forward to that.

What else do you need to know from the Winn house? Lets see, the other day Jaxon said the word Poo-poo Head! Yeah he laughed and then looked to make sure we knew what he meant. He is repeating everything. I think that is one I have called him while changing diapers, so I will publicaly take the blame if he goes to Sunday school and calls someone a poopyhead. Also we have decided to stay in our current house for a while instead of moving to another part of the city. So we, or at least I, have been renovating. Suzy made a wish list of things to do before the end of summer so I started with tearing out the carpet and installing a wood floor. Also we have painted and replaced all of the trim and molding. Pictures will follow I’m sure. Well from our house to yours…

This is just for Megan and her boys (if they don’t know this song, they should)…. Hi my name is Joe, I have a wife, and three kids and I work in a button factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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