writers block

I’ve really been wanting to post all week, but I haven’t come up with anything to write about. So…I’ll just have a random post!

Jaxon said his first full sentence the other night. To his fruit snacks…”I’m gonna eat you spider man”…”CHOOMMMPPPHHH”.at least he gave Spidey fair warning….love it!

Jaxon is IN LOVE with bible class lately…so sweet

I am off work tomorrow!!! And next Thursday & Friday for the much anticipated girls weekend! That’s right, no husbands, no kids, just girls for two days…..3 months in the making…so exicted!

I have lost 4 pounds. I hope they don’t come back!

I’ve been reading a lot lately…I like reading, it’s way better than tv!

I want to go see my sister in LA. I think I will this fall.

This boy makes me laugh every day

It seems like everyone I know is having babies or will soon! My BF Renee gave birth to Hasten Paul 1 week ago today. He is beautiful!! My other good friend Melody found out today she’s having a girl in December! A friend at work is due any day now and there were at least 4 couples from our church that had babies last week!

Work has been good lately. Still very busy, but productive. It is starting to pay off! I just pray it keeps up!

School starts in less than a month. Joey has to go back full time next week. What a short summer!

I think that’s enough random info for now! Hopefully I’ll have something fun to post about this weekend!

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