calgon take me away

What do you get when you mix a high school principal (who’s school starts wednesday), a mortgage loan officer (who is having her best month ever), and a two year old boy (who is in his two year old prime)….. A STRESSED OUT FAMILY!!!! joey is stressed to the max and that makes me stress out, jaxon had a bad day (time out 4 times at mrs. ruthann’s) and that makes me stress out. the solution…wash the stress away! jaxon took a nice relaxing bubble bath while watching shark tale on his portable dvd player. i think it was the best bath he’s ever had!

an amazing thing happened, he emerged from the water HAPPY!!!

then it was my turn. a day like this calls for the good bath products. a few of you have been in my shower and have seen my collection of products. you know that i have the everyday quick shower, got at target products, then i have the expensive, use only now and then, spent too much money on products. after a mini medi/pedi, a mini facial, an eyebrow touch up, and a good scrub, i emerged refreshed!

don’t we look relaxed?

now i am sitting in bed blogging while joey plays psp. we just shared some ben & jerry’s!
i may be stressed at times, but i am blessed all the time!

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