It's beginning to look a lot like FALL…

It’s no surprise that I LOVE fall. We LOVE fall at our house. I’m finding that most people really like fall! What’s not to love? It’s beautiful outside, refreshing, fun & vibrant! Fall signifies change. Change is good. Have I mentioned that I love fall? And because I love fall, I present you some images of fall from the Winn house (in no particular order)::

Vine Pumpkins on the fireplace:

A fall flower arrangement:

A pumpkin to greet you as you enter:

The candy in the pumpkin:

The wreath on the front door:

Hoodies hanging in the entry:

Homemade apple pie:

Jaxon’s first painted pumpkin of the season:

Homemade chili over cheese enchiladas:

Joey’s tie for tomorrow(already set out like a good boy who has to leave at 5:30am for practice):

Table centerpiece:

Fall decoration – Give Thanks:

How ironic that the last picture is at the end! I am SO thankful for all of our blessings!!! Thank you Lord!

Happy Wednesday…Happy Fall!

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