Do you Coupon?

I recently became addicted to couponing. Couponing or the act of using coupons is a fun “sport”. It is a lot of work, but the thrill is in the savings. You can visit the forums here for more information.

So I have quite the collection of coupons right now & my little expandable organizer just wasn’t cutting it, so I needed to come up with something better. Last night I was shopping (all alone) I might add (it’s amazing what I used to take for granted) and it hit me. I came up with a fun idea for storing and better utilizing my coupons. I will reveal the final product soon, but in the meantime, I need your help.

If you sort coupons, what are your categories? Please help me list the categories for all the coupons. Some items could fall into double categories (like air freshner, is it household or is it cleaning?)

I have one reader who has already won a prize just by being so awesome, but if you’d like to win something fun (like something cool for your coupons)….play along today! Everyone that gives suggestions will be entered into a drawing for a prize!!!

Thanks for your help!

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