Call me Mrs. Incredible – no not really

Joey & Jax ran into Toys R us on Monday..very briefly. I waited in the truck (I’m no dummy!) They picked this up for me in there! Jax is into the incredibles and I’m Mrs. Incredible to him.
Little did he know at the time, but I would indeed be incredible that day!

I worked in the kitchen ALL afternoon & evening! You know how much I enjoy this and I don’t get to do it often enough…although it is exhausting!

On Christmas Eve I made:
A coconut cream pie
Puppy Chow – which we’ve renamed “Monkey Snacks” (it’s a Jaxon thing)
3 Cheese logs
Veggie Pizza
Cupcakes for santa
I also:
Prepped for Pioneer Woman’s French Breakfast Puffs to make on Christmas Morning…they were yummy!
ran a few errands & finished wrapping presents!

The thing I like best is when my family calls me Mrs. Incredible…

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