Our Christmas Story

Click the image to see it better. (can you find Jax in the top left picture?)
As you can see I took a ton of pictures (this dosen’t come close)! Last Friday I took off work early so we could head to Ft. Worth to have Christmas with my parents. My parents left on Christmas day to fly to LA to see my sister. Too bad I couldn’t go! We got home Sunday afternoon (we came home to snow) to rest and get ready for the week. Monday we went to see Alvin & the Chipmunks! I loved it, Jax loved it too! Then it was early to bed for the little boy. It was crazy, but as he was taking a bath we heard santa’s bells outside the bathroom window (my husband is so creative)! That helped speed the routine up a little. We had a LOT of work to do! Next year we’ll start earlier in the week!
Christmas morning was great, it was just the three of us! Jaxon loved everything santa left him & was amazed that he actually ate the cupcake & drank the milk he’d left for him. (As we were making the milk the night before, I asked Jax if he wanted a drink of it before bed and he said “No, that’s for santa”) Santa even wrote Jaxon a note! It was hard for him to open the presents under the tree from us because he didn’t want to stop playing to open them!
After breakfast we headed to Joey’s parents. We were there with his family until about 4:30 then we headed home! While there my sister in law and I made some cute glass magnets! I can’t wait to make more!
Yesterday we cleaned out the old to make room for the new! We told Jaxon that there were many kids that Santa didn’t get to vist & we were going to give them some toys. At first he was not ok with that, but slowly he sarted saying “let’s give this to the kids”. It melted my heart!
I went back to work today and I think the three days of holiday eating caught up with Jax. Joey said he was wound up ALL DAY!

This Christmas was special as are most of them! I hope you had a great Christmas too!

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