I love Burt & his Bees

A few years ago I got a burt’s head to toe kit for my birthday. I really liked the products then, but once I ran out, that was it. Well, last year, I decided to try the skincare products…I bought the Soap Bark & Chamomile cleanser, Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub & the Marshmallow vanishing cream. I was in love. My skin looked great. I also uesd the Beeswax lip balm & the lemon cuticle oil.

Recently I decided to treat myself to an after Christmas gift. I did a little online shopping at burtsbees.com. I’m in love. Instead of listing EVERYthing I’m currently using, I just took a picture.

Not Pictured: (in my drawer at work)

The two soaps are:

Joey likes this one!

This is my morning face wash

Yes, I’m aware I’ve gone a little Burt crazy, but I probably won’t go back. I love that all the products are natural, it makes me feel good about what I’m using on my skin…and I can tell a difference!
My fav’s are: The Soap Bark Cleanser, Garden Tomato Toner (love, love it)…all of it really!

Today I got an email showing all the new items….If I’d only waited two weeks to “treat” myself! There are several new things that I can’t wait to try, namely the new body washes (the Radiance one)! I guess I’ll be showering more often so that I’ll run out faster!

I’ve been thinking…I’m so concerned with what I put on my skin. It’s really important to me that I am not using a lot of chemicals, etc. So why in the world am I not as concerned with what goes IN my body? Good question, right? Hmmm…….more on this to come! For now…go HERE and check it out! By the way…Target, CVS & Walgreens all sell Burts Bees, they just don’t have all of the products available!

Happy Thursday!

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