What A Week!

This past week has been so crazy, hence the lack of posting! I’ll just touch on the highlights of the week!

Monday – I was able to play “stay at home mommy” thanks to MLK day! There are a few days of the year it pays to work for a bank! Jax and I played all day & I made an amazing dinner. I love it when I have time to actually make a good dinner for my family!

Roasted Chicken

Whole Wheat Bowtie Pasta

Glazed Carrots w/ Bacon & Onion (one of my fav’s)

Here’s Jaxon “helping” me – his own recipe…a little of this & that!

Tuesday – A very busy crazy day at work for both of us! Jaxon went #2 on the potty!!!

Wednesday – Another crazy day at work, I actually worked late to catch up a little from Monday.

Thursday – Work, then free babysitting at church. Jaxon went to play and I got to watch Joey’s BB game!

Friday – I worked from home because we had our alarm installed!!! BB homecoming…I had Jaxon and his friend Danny after work. We went to Chick fil-A, then to Mardel before the game.

Saturday – Oil change & car wash, Lunch date w/ my boys, haircut for Jax, home for a nap then we went to the homecoming banquet at Bourbon St. downtown…oh the joys of being a principal’s wife!

So, The biggest accomplishment of the week is that Jaxon is potty trained!!!!! He’s not 100% with #2, but I know he’ll get there.

I have a funny video of Jaxon to post, but it’s not working right now…so check back later!

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