It's the little things….

The past few weeks at work have been extremely crazy. As most of you know, I am in the mortgage business and if you watch the news at all, you know that the market is crazy right now, so in turn, I’ve been swamped! I’ve been working daily (including the weekend) and almost each evening. I’M EXHAUSTED! I think I’m finally getting a little caught up, but I’m feeling like I need to take some time for myself…and I hope to this weekend!
Today when I got home I had a few surprises!!!! It was REALLY nice to come home to a few simple surprises!

I ordered all of this from Eyes Lips Face and…I only paid $25.00 for all of it & I got a free subscription to Working Mother Magazine. I just went there to look again, and now if you spend $20.00 you get a free subscription to Lucky Magazine. All of the brushes on the left come as a set for $12.00! I can’t wait to do my makeup tomorrow! *ELF is a great little site for makeup extras…I am a makeup snob when it comes to my skin and I only use Bare Minerals, But for the fun stuff, I don’t really care!*

Speaking of magazines…. I also got this in the mail today. I bought a few of these issues at the store and decided that I wanted to subscribe. It’s a great little magazine!

I am currently getting subscriptions from::
Rachel Ray Magazine
Hallmark Magazine
Mortgage Originator Magazine (I know you’re jealous of this one!)
Working Mother
Family Fun Magazin
I buy but have not renewed:
Real Simple

I’m kind of addicted to magazines….the funny thing is I really don’t have time to read them!

So, tell me, what are your favorite magazines and what do you subscribe to. Surely someone can beat me…anyone read more than 8 magazines a month?

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