F is for FUN and G is for GIRLFRIENDS

This weekend I had such a good, relaxing time. We had a yummy breakfast (Shauna, I need the recipe, please), went shopping, had a great mexican lunch, went fabric shopping for baby girl T, watched 27 dresses in our room, had a HUGE platter of cheese and apple birds *(long story), talked, laughed, went out to dinner, talked, laughed some more, stayed up late, and they slept in (I woke up at 7:00)! Then Meg, Juli Beth and I went for breakfast before heading home. It was a wonderful weekend! Here are a few pictures::

Juli Beth

Me (the first purchase of the day)

Here we are after picking out the fabric for the baby’s roomBefore going out to dinner in downtown Dallas
On my way home, back in OK!
Me, trying to stay awake on the way home…relaxed & ready to see my boys!

Thank you girls for a great weekend!

*The Cheese Story:: So, we ate a big lunch but when it was time to watch the movie, we wanted a little something to snack on. I wanted some crackers and cheese. I called room service to see if they could bring us a little platter of fruit/cheese. We also ordered 4 soft drinks. When the food got to our room I signed for it. It took me a while as I looked it over, I could not believe my eyes. The total was $50.00. For regular cheddar, soft white cheddar(that Shauna said smelled like stinky feet), and some pepperjack. I totally think we paid for the carving skills. There was a bird made out of an apple on the platter. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of this, but it was crazy!

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