J is for Jackson, TN & Jaxon

Next week is spring break! We are going to TN for the NAIA national tournament!

Three years ago I was very pregnant (see below)

Joey was coaching at OC and they made it to nationals. I obviously didn’t get to go that year, but Joey and I had joked earlier in the year that if they made it, we’d name our son Jackson. I didn’t love the traditional spelling, so we changed it to J-A-X-O-N!

So this year we are taking our Jaxon to Jackson! I’m excited! This will happen as long as we are all healthy. We’ve steered clear of the bugs going around, but today I got a call that Jax had thrown up at Ms. Ruthann’s house. It’s not been a pretty evening. He’s sleeping now, I just hope that Joe and I don’t get it or if we do we get it out of our systems before Sunday!

Prayerfully, we’ll be healthy and get to go! If so, look for lots of pictures! The hotel has free wireless internet!! Yea!


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