Happy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a great one!

Saturday night Jaxon got to experience coloring eggs for the first time…He loved it! *notice the crazy smile**
He was very serious about coloring in the stencils!
Here’s his basket with the plate of “bunny food” that we left out! We left out water, carrots & lettuce! Hey, if Santa gets cookies, the bunny has to have a snack too!
Excited about his new veggie tales pirate
Shaking the eggs!
Jax & Daddy
The loot::
These are the best pictures I could get…no family pictures here! I think I live with the two most anti-picture boys ever.

After church we came home and I made a great lunch. The Conley’s came over for lunch & fun. It was great to have them over, it had been a while! The rest of the day was filled with resting, reading and playing. After a whole week off, I can say that I was ready to get back into a routine today!

This is mine & Joey’s b-day week, so we’ll have some fun stuff to post about! Also, I’m working on sorting out the pictures from vacation…more to come!

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