Goin' Old School

Back in the day there was a bagel shop that I visited often. Bubba’s Bagels in Arlington, Tx was one of my favorite place to eat breakfast and lunch in high school. Every time I went home from college, I had to go there and I usually brought a few dozen back to OK with me! My favorite was the everything bagel either with low-fat cream cheese or turkey and mustard for lunch! I was so sad the day I learned that Bubba’s went out of business. In Oklahoma there was one bagel place, but it too went out of business a few years later.
I know Panera has bagels, but they’re just not the same!

Well…..today my friends I was introduced to the Old School Bagel Cafe!!!! It was AMAZING! I’m in love! The bagel was SO good. And I had a turkey sandwich on an everything bagel. The name of the restaurant is perfect. You have to try it!!

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