Random Update

This weekend has been pretty low key for us! Jaxon and I have both been under the weather with sinus/allergy issues. I’m hoping that I feel better tomorrow and can function normally!

Joey’s school had an auction fundraiser but because I was sick, I stayed home. Well actually, I went to the grocery store because we really hadn’t been for about a month. Let’s just say my cart was REALLY heavy! Because I used coupons I saved right at $22.00. I still think my bill was at least $50.00 higher than normal due to increased prices, I also bought a ton of fresh produce so that will increase the bill too.
When Jax & I got home from the store Joey was home & had brought us a treat from Starbucks. Jaxon had his first starbucks drink – don’t worry, it was just chocolate milk!! “Special Chocolate Milk”…

Can you say future police man…

Tomorrow at work we are having a pot luck/baby shower for two preggo girls. I made my aunt’s recipe for homemade sausage bread. It is so good!! I am also taking spinach dip! Yummy!

Speaking of work…I was informed on Thursday that my boss who has been my mentor for the last two years is leaving. She was offered an amazing deal and can’t turn it down. So, she is taking her assistant with her and their last day is Friday. Crazy. There are going to be some major changes taking place. There is hopefully one good change for me in all of this, but I will not know until sometime next week or so. Please keep this in your prayers. I want God’s will for me & my work to be clear.
I was invited to a Sales Academy and will be traveling for that next week. Oh yeah, did I mention it is in SAN DIEGO!!

I was planning to go visit Megan this weekend but because of all the work drama and the work trip I had to reschedule…Meg, thanks for understanding!

My granddaddy will be having surgery on Tuesday…I’ll post more about that tomorrow, but please say a prayer for him as well.

Ok, so this was a pretty random post…I think that’s all for now!

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