weakly update (yes I know how to spell) – by Joey

We have had Bronchitis, Sinus Infection, some sort of eye-puss dripping infection, and irritable stomachs. So when we say weak we truly mean weak. I cannot remember the last time we all felt good. Jaxon is feeling better today, yet Suzy and I feel worse. Our ears are full, our noses runny and our eyes watery, yet we must continue to run our rat race. Suzanne leaves for San Diego on Tuesday, Jaxon and I will be home alone for the week. Its one of those illnesses where you don’t feel good, bad or otherwise, you just don’t feel like much of anything.

Jaxon and I managed to pick our lazy selves up and move on Saturday. We did the usual donut shop trip, and then we went to find a Mommies day gift. We ended up with perfume, roses and lip stuff, because mom has been quoting Napoleon Dynamite, “my lips hurt real bad”

Its never seems right to me to celebrate the role of mom with a simple card and gifts. It always makes me feel inadequate to try and sum up my gratitude with such trite expressions. I am lost in all of the things that my mom has done for me and I am constantly amazed at the things that Suzanne and Jaxon do together. How do you express thanks for everything good in your world? Think about it. Cookies, weird songs that only you know the meanings to, turning ouchies into a reason to get a toy, making things never seem as bad as they really are, and finally ignoring your glaringly obvious faults and reasons why some people just don’t like you.

Moms give meaning to the word love.

I think when God said to love one another as you love yourself, he knew it would take moms to teach us how. All the tears, all the heartache, all the joys, and all the sadness, cant be appreciated by a simple card or perfume. I have heard mothers day sermons, television commercials, and tributes from NBA players and PGA Golfers today all thanking mom for being mom. I can’t compete with that nor would I try. What I can do is raise my son to understand why mom cries when he is ugly, or why she cries when he goes to pre-school or college, or why she doesn’t like that girl he brought home, or why she just seems crazy sometimes….. because her life is to love him.

Thanks Mom, and thank you Suzy who is more than I ever prayed for in a wife and mommy.

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