One Year

I thought it would be fun to see the difference one year can make…

It’s so crazy to me how fast time flies. I can’t believe Jaxon is three. I can’t believe I’ve been married almost nine and a half years. I can’t believe I haven’t been to camp in five years (more on this to come). I can’t believe my sister moved away over two years ago. The list goes on and on. Because the time does go by…I’m realizing the importance of loving each day for what it is. Our years and months are short and our days are even shorter. Jaxon grows right before my eyes every day. I want to slow down and take it all in.

**Thanks to Kelly for my new look!! Kelly just loves to design and does a great job!!! Also, don’t forget Shauna @ Seemydesings she is amazing and is SO affordable for a new blog look or button!

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