spontaneous much?

I don’t know that you’d call us spontaneous people, but this weekend we had a wild hair and we decided to go with it! Friday we found out that our plans for the weekend had changed, so we decided that we kind of wanted to take a little day trip or something just to get out of town. I got off work at 5:20, picked up Jaxon and we were home by about 5:45. Joey had been looking online for ideas. We decided to go to Six Flags for the day! By 6:30, we had a room reserved and had started packing. We were on the road by 7:20! Pretty crazy!! Jaxon was so excited!

Most of you know, but I grew up in Arlington. Growing up going to six flags was no big deal, we had season passes every year and went whenever we wanted. I hadn’t been back in over 11 years! IT. WAS. SO. HOT., SO VERY HOT! We had a blast though. There was plenty to do and see and we all had a great time! It was a nice but short family getaway!! Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

I love this one!

my little superhero with his new green lantern shirt & batman cape

Some of Jaxon’s photography from the weekend!

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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