Mental Break Monday

Yesterday morning it was very hard to wake up! I had a few things that needed to be taken care of at work, but decided that I could get them done quickly, and so Jaxon and I had a date day! Neither of us were feeling great, so it made perfect sense!
We went to my office for a little while…Jax loved it there!
Next we took Joe lunch, then made a quick trip to Target – what day off would be complete without a trip to Target??

Jax started swimming lessons with Mimi (Kim Whitesell) yesterday…he had a blast!
While he was there I went and picked these out for my next project….

We ended the day with some arts & crafts time…
I love these new paints…

Here is a project for Jaxon’s room…I’ve now completed every letter but the “N”

I’ll show you the set once I finish the last one!

I’m so blessed to have the job I have. There is NO DOUBT that it is incredibly stressful, however it’s so rewarding to take care of myself and my family when I need to.

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