See ya next year, Karate

I couldn’t write this last night because I didn’t really know what exactly to write. Karate was a little traumatic for us. It was not good for Jaxon or for me. We both left with tears in our eyes. His tears were because he was sad, confused, angry, and overwhelmed. My tears were because, well I don’t really know why, too many emotions to count. When I picked Jax up he was SO excited to go and he was such a big boy. When we got there and the class started he was obviously overwhelmed. There were other parents there observing. The instructor asked me to take my shoes off and to come out on the floor to help him do the splits. Jax freaked. He was trying to be a big boy and participate, but he just wanted to take it all in. I knew it was a bad idea, but did it because the instructor asked me to. So, here I am on the floor with the class, in my black suit pants and grey sweater with no shoes on. My child is freaking out while all the other children are doing exactly what they’re being asked to do. I started to get really hot. I could feel my face getting red. I backed off and just stood near to give Jaxon a chance, this was after all his very first experience with anything like this, and he likes his independence.
It wasn’t but a few moments later Jaxon started crying and ran to me saying he wanted to go home. I was ok with that, but didn’t want to be rude and just up and leave. Another instructor came out to the floor and asked if I’d come with him to talk. Sure! Anything to get all the eyes off me!
So, we went in this little room and Jax had calmed down at this point. The instructor was trying to get Jax to sit in a specific chair so that he & I could visit for a moment. Jax was being a typical 3 year old boy who is usually weary of people he doesn’t know, so he wasn’t really listening to the man. He wasn’t really listening to me for that matter. The man went on to say that my reasons (that we had earlier discussed) for wanting to enroll Jax in the class were VERY valid. He continued and pointed out that Jax doesn’t show me much respect, or listen to instructions well. Ok, I know these things, however I do not need a stranger to point them out to me. These are things that we work on every day in our household. He was very clear that I should bring Jax back today and force him to get used to the idea of being in that environment. As I stated yesterday, and to him, I will not force my children to do something extracurricular that we have not committed to. So, we finished up our little meeting.
When we walked out of the office, the class was playing with the nun chucks or the “HaiYa’s“! Jaxon was ready to go back out there, but the instructor asked him to come off of the floor and told him he could do that in class tomorrow. Again, Jaxon got upset. I agreed that IF Jaxon wanted to come back tomorrow, he would have to participate in the full class. Then I wrangled my screaming child, carried him in one hand, my purse a karate magazine and two bottles of water in the other, to get his shoes. The fit did not stop there….but that’s where I’ll end this story!
I’ve thought so much about this in the last 20 hours. Part of me feels guilty for thinking that he was ready for something like that. I was upset with the instructor, although I know he was just doing what he knew how. I was embarrassed with the fit that he threw and all the eyes that were on me. I feel bad that Jax was so excited and then so letdown within an hours time (although, that is real life). I learned that that type of karate is just too serious for MY 3 year old. I learned that I know my son better than anyone else and of course we have some things to work on and that’s ok. I learned that making up with a 3 year old – when he is ready – after throwing a fit for an hour after being home – can be REALLY fun!! I love my Jaxon and needless to say….We’ve decided as a family that maybe we’ll try again in a year or so, or maybe never!

On a MUCH lighter note (I’m surprised if you’ve made it this far)….. Please go visit Mom Spark today. Mom Spark is a new blog that is for Mommies, Mommies to be someday, or anyone who wants to have a little fun! I am going to be contributing over there and today is my FIRST post there. So, go see for yourself…it will be fun, I promise!! Be sure to leave some comment love…I could use it today!

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