the old man, the fat boy & the geisha

Last Friday night we went on a family date! We took Jaxon to Shogun. We had been once before but he was around one, so he didn’t really get it. He loved it and we had so much fun!! I’m sure most of you know what it is, but they cook the food on a big grill at your table and put on a show full of flying shrimp and flaming onion volcanoes!
You can order your drink in a collectible ceramic figure. Jaxon wanted the little “fat boy”. When his water arrived, he thought it was the coolest thing ever. He really wanted me to get “the lady” which is really called a geisha. Well, I’m definitely not a geisha, but I ordered a Shirley temple to go w/ my lady! Of course Joe had to get one too, his was the “old man”!

So now we have this little collection that WILL NOT be displayed in my house. Maybe next time we have chicken stir fry we’ll pull them out!
They’re a little creepy if you ask me!

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