Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!
This picture is almost 10 years old but it’s one of my favorites!

Here’s a poem that my dad wrote for Jaxon a few weeks ago….I LOVE It!

A Poem For Jaxon

On April 11, 2005
God Gave Us A Gift
That Has Enriched Our Lives

He Gave Us A Grandson
We Know As Jaxon
Who Has Brought Us Love
With Great Satisfaction

He Is A Handsome Young Boy
That Gives Us Great Joy
He Makes Wonderful Noise
When Playing With His Toys

Jaxon, You See
Is “Pa Pa G’s”
Pride And Joy
He Loves To Tell Me
“ I Get Toys”

He Loves Chocolate Milk
And Doughnuts Too
And All Those Trips
To The OKC Zoo

Going To Target
Excites Him Like You Wouldn’t Believe
So, do Not Get, In A Hurry To Leave

This Wonderful Little Boy
Is Spiderman, Superman, Batman At Times
He Will Watch Movies Or Eat Ice Cream
At The Drop Of A Dime

He Loves God
Our Lord And Savior
And Is Raised Daily
To Be In His Favor

He loves His Mom And Dad
His Grandparents Too
All Of His Aunts And Uncles
Just To Name A Few

He Loves Football, Basketball
And Sports Of All Kinds
He Will Grow Up
To Be Like Daddy
In Too Short Of Time

His Mom Is His Princess
Whom He Loves To Help Cook
Or Sit In Her Lap
While She Reads Him A Book

Jaxon, You Are
A Gift From Above
To All Those You Love

Thank You God
For Our Little Jaxon
Who Is So Full
Of Love And Action

“Pa Pa G”

Thank you dad for your love for all of us…we love you back! Happy Birthday!!

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