The Thurman's visit

Megan and I have been friends for a very long time. I don’t remember exactly when but somewhere in Jr. High! Meg and her family live in Houston….so they evacuated for Ike. They were gone from home for about a week. You’ll have to go HERE to read all about it.
Last Thursday Meg, Connor, Logan and baby Camryn came to visit us!
The boys had a BLAST dressing up as batman and playing in Jaxon’s pirate ship bed which they renamed as the batcave!

That night we went to incredible pizza. We went there a few months ago and I vowed not to go again for a long while. Well, it was not that bad this time. I guess it makes a huge difference when you go.
The boys were so cute they all had to help with the stroller!

If you know me well in real life you know that Jaxon has been talking about a baby sister for a few months now. EVERY DAY he mentions a baby sister. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! Before the Thurman clan got here Jax was excited to play with baby Camryn. Once he was distracted by the boys he didn’t really pay attention to her. I did get this one picture…it lasted about 2.46 minutes.

Thank you Meg for making your road trip head this way! I’m so glad we got to spend some time together! I’m glad You’re home safe & sound! Love you!

2 thoughts on “The Thurman's visit

  1. There is nothing like old friends (but new ones, and bloggie ones are pretty cool too)! I’m so glad you had a great time and have the pics to remember it.

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